WGHA & International Hockey Rules

As far as practicable the West Gippsland Hockey Association Inc. (WGHA) will follow the Rules of Hockey as provided by the Federation of International Hockey (FIH).

Where there is a conflict between the FIH Rules of Hockey and the WGHA  By-Laws, then these By-Laws will prevail.

To be read in conjunction with Rules of the West Gippsland Hockey Association. The WGHA By laws were amended in October 2016

WGHA By Laws adopted 26-October-2016

WGHA-Hockey Nomination form

Outdoor Hockey (11 a-side)
FIH update The rulebook every two years so it’s worth checking you have the latest version. The 2015 edition of the rulebook, which came into effect on January 1st 2015, is available below.

Any changes made within this period are also published separately below.Download both links to have the complete Rules. – FIH.International Hockey Rules 2015

Free hits awarded to the attack within 5 metres of the circle

The Rules in this new publication are effective from 1 January 2015 at international level.

National Associations have discretion to decide the date of implementation at national level. A starting date is specified but not an end date. We will avoid implementing changes to these Rules before the 2016 Olympic Games and perhaps beyond. However, in exceptional circumstances the International Hockey Federation (FIH) retains the right to make changes which will be notified to National Associations and published
on the FIH website : www.fih.ch.
The FIH Rules Committee regularly reviews all the Rules of Hockey.
It takes account of information and observations from a wide
variety of sources including National Hockey Associations, players,
coaches, officials, media and spectators together with match and
competition reports, video analysis, Rules trials and Tournament
Regulations which vary the Rules. Ideas which have already been
trialled with the FIH Rules Committee’s approval in local or limited
circumstances are especially valuable. Rules changes can then be
based on practical experience.